Our Vision

A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.
- Raul Julia

Our vision is simple:

Make a good product that at least one person will enjoy enough to tout its virtues. That's it. No magic pill. No drawn out explanations. We're just happy knowing that there's a cigar smoker out there that will sing our praises. Of course, two people would double our expectations. Three people? Well. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Our Story

We're mad about cigars. Every last blood cell coursing through our veins has been genetically modified to live, eat, and breath the gospel of 'el puro'. Though we can't profess that we know everything there is to know about this illustrious craft, we're comfortable in knowing that no one else can either.

Consuelo and Humberto have a combined experience of over 40 years in the cigar business. Kenny's contributions might tip the scales to 3 digits.


Meet the Team

Amos de Santiago is comprised of a small group of people working out of a tiny office in a small rural town halfway between the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia, PA.

We love what we do (Yea.. You'll hear that a lot around here.) and, in time, hope to visit every single cigar shop in the region. Even if just to say hello and be on our way.

Consuelo Gomez

Founding Partner

Our collaboration started when Consuelo's interest in the fine art of making Dominican puros landed her in the Fuente school for cigar rollers at a very young age (one that we are very careful not to discuss under any circumstances). Her career at Fuente lasted 9 years, until she opened a small factory in Tamboril, sowing the seeds of a brand she hoped to launch internationally.

Her next challenge would emerge beyond the shores of her beloved country and in the USA. Embarking on a journey few people would dare attempt, she landed in rural Pennsylvania. Working for a renowned cigar store chain just north of Philadelphia, she proved her ability to blend a superior product by providing the store with their best selling private label cigars year after year. In 2011, she found the confidence to realize her dream of finally introducing her brand, Amos de Santiago, into the American market.

To this day, she proudly speaks of her passion for the leaf and all those who have a love of the same. Should she ever grace your presence, you'd understand.


Humberto Gonzalez

Managing Partner

Humberto's cigar roots were planted way back in 1996. Fresh out of unemployment, he picked up a local NYC paper and answered a small 2x2 ad looking for a cigar salesperson to man the phones (interesting to note - 'no experience necessary'). He called for an interview, showed up in the only 3 piece suit that fit him, and, within just a few minutes, landed a call center sales job at the prestigious Famous Smoke Shop.

Not knowing the first thing about cigars, cigar smoking, or cigar culture, he acclimated quickly and started upon his corporate ladder ascent. Taking on roles like call center management, website administration, catalog copy writing, database management, purchasing and merchandising (all of which he had no experience doing.... ever), he's remained with the company for the last 20 years (with a 3 year break somewhere in between but we won't talk about that). Still working as a full time buyer at Famous Smoke Shop, he feverishly spends his nights working towards growing our business in all the ways he had no experience doing at his full time digs. We have no idea how he does it or why but we're glad to have him on board.

Next Steps...

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