Amos de Santiago Connecticut

It’s a well-known fact that Connecticut is king (wrapper, that is). The best-selling premium cigar brands on the market are all covered with it. Why? Well, first of all, look at it. It’s pretty. Looks inviting, like a sandy beach in the Caribbean, a freshly baked loaf of bread, a fair skinned beach beauty, and… well… you get the picture.

It’s also tasty. Though thin and fragile, Connecticut wrapper has a sweet and aromatic disposition. Usually lending itself to an easy, pleasant smoking experience.

Our Connecticut line of cigars are blended with wrapper grown in Ecuador. (You see… Ecuadorian farmers buy seeds from the Connecticut farms and plant them in Ecuador where it’s cheaper to grow and harvest. The stuff grown in Connecticut is marginally better crop but generally reserved for way deeper pockets than ours.)

Our cigars are blended with the following tobaccos:

Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper with binder and fillers all grown in the Dominican Republic.