Amos de Santiago Corojo

Corojo. Pronounced ko-RO-ho, this anomalous word is also often associated with color or strain. They’re half right. Corojo is actually the name of a farm in Cuba. (This has to be true. Jesus Fuego told me so.) As such, any tobacco leaf bearing this nameĀ shouldhave been grown with seeds originating from this iconic farm, though it’s admittedly difficult to verify with 100% certainty.

Generally speaking, this wrapper has a spicy disposition, providing flavors to this blend that fall into the ‘slightly explosive’ category. Needless to say, it is the most sought-after blend in our lineup for those looking to fire up their palate in a meaningful manner. It’s also fair to mention that Amos de Santiago Corojo is Consuelo’s cigar of choice. (Your mileage may vary.)

Rounding off our fine selection of core brands, this blend is our only DominicanĀ Puro, meaning wrapper, binder and filler are all grown in the Dominican Republic. Some might say that complexity suffers when cigars are blended in this manner. We beg to differ.